Shangchen technology tells you, are you clear about sorting and sorting?

2019-11-28 15:42

Sorting and sorting, as an important part of the whole warehousing operation system, the development of related technologies is changing with each passing day. Because there is only one word difference, people will mistakenly think that the meaning is the same. In logistics, the steps and forms of picking and sorting representatives are quite different. How much do you know about the technology and method of sorting and sorting design?
Picking refers to picking goods according to the order


According to the name, specification, model and quantity of goods required by the order, the distribution personnel of the storage and distribution center take out the goods from the storage shelves or pallets and carry them to the tally area.
Picking technology is the real core of the whole picking operation. The selection of different picking technologies will also affect the final performance of each picking method in picking efficiency. The general classification of picking technology includes order, batch and process picking. For example, batch picking can support single person picking, multi person picking at the same time, and multi person picking by area. This picking technology is suitable for the situation that the warehouse picking area is large and the order lines of each order are small.
Sorting refers to the classification of goods received by the distribution center


According to different customers and distribution routes, goods are classified, centralized and loaded in the transportation process, which is mainly used for the delivery of goods and goods transfer, sorting and transportation. It is one of the most critical links in the logistics system.
Sorting technology mainly involves automatic sorting system, which is one of the necessary facilities for advanced distribution center. The automatic sorting system can sort goods continuously and in large quantities, with high sorting efficiency and low sorting error rate. It can effectively improve operation efficiency and minimize labor intensity and cost. In the future, the sorting system will greatly reduce the manual demand in the sorting process, improve the sorting efficiency and automation, and greatly improve the sorting accuracy. With the improvement of big data algorithm, the standardization of express mail information and the integration of intelligent control system, sorting system will become the product of the transformation of logistics industry from labor-intensive industry to batch intelligent industry.
Shangchen intelligent sorting system of Shanghai Shangchen Technology Co., Ltd. can design the most suitable scheme according to the actual needs of customers, the number of sorting, the area of equipment, the convenience of goods circulation and other conditions. Scheme support: automatic code scanning, automatic sorting, automatic verification, automatic rejection, automatic package building, automatic printing and other functions can greatly save the labor intensity and labor cost of handling. The sorting volume can reach 4000-23000 pieces / hour, the accuracy rate is 99.99%, and the accuracy of automatic weighing is ± 1g / kg.
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