Vertical crossbelt sorter with linear

2019-11-28 01:03

VCCS-SL series Vertical crossbelt sorter realizes that each part of the sorting car no need electric energy, and no need for complicated electric lines to communicate or control . The main cycle power of the borrowing track is used to carry out every sorting action of the belt trolley accurately, and the sorting speed of nearly 10,000 pieces per hour can meet the requirements of most users. In the front end of the VCCS-SL series, if we configure the automatic continuous supply system parcel auto-conti-Feeder, made by our company, the sorting trolley of the main circuit of the straight line cross belt sorter runs vertically (< 1. 5 m / s), the package can be imported into the middle of the car synchronously and continuously, which is not only safe and manual, but also can make the high efficiency and automation of VCCS-SL series Vertical crossbelt sorter the most perfect embodiment.