Shanghai Shangchen technology tells you that there are several common ways of logistics sorting, which one are you?

2017-10-04 01:17

With the rapid development of e-commerce, people enjoy the convenience of online shopping and also want to get their carefully selected items as soon as possible. This brings about the postgraduate entrance examination for logistics distribution. Because of the different scale, order quantity and goods type of each distribution center's warehouse, the sorting method is also different. However, the commonly used sorting methods can be roughly divided into three categories: manual sorting, semi-automatic sorting equipment and automatic sorting system. Let's analyze the differences and characteristics of these sorting methods?
I. manual sorting
Manual sorting is the initial form of express sorting, which is mainly based on manual visual identification of handling. However, with the development of e-commerce, the volume of order sorting increases rapidly, the distribution area increases, and the labor cost becomes higher and higher, the efficiency is low, and the demand for error rate, management efficiency and user experience has changed. Manual sorting alone will not be able to complete the sorting task, or even delay the distribution Efficiency and service quality. In order to respond to the market demand, a variety of sorting equipment is produced and put into use. However, manual sorting still plays an important role in the sorting of oversized parcels, such as bulky, overweight and irregular parcels, which cannot be handled by sorters, especially in the field of less than truckload logistics.

II. Semi automatic sorting equipment
The semi-automatic sorting equipment mainly uses the belt conveyor as the main conveying tool, and is sorted by assigning operators at each sorting position. This kind of sorting method has few investment, reduces labor intensity to a certain extent, improves sorting efficiency, and is suitable for small sorting centers with a daily sorting volume of about 10000 pieces. But this kind of sorting method only improves the efficiency in the handling link. If the sorting volume surges and exceeds the load of the sorting line, the sorter is prone to sorting errors when he is in poor spirits.


The automatic sorting system is not limited by climate, time and physical strength, and realizes the continuous large-scale sorting of goods. The most suitable equipment can also be selected according to the actual needs of customers. The sorting action of this equipment is gentle, and it refuses to make huge profits. It can not only reduce labor cost and labor intensity, but also improve work and management efficiency. For example, the high-speed circular cross belt sorting system developed by Yitong in Anhui Province has a sorting efficiency of 23000 pieces / hour and a sorting accuracy of 99.99%. The automatic identification function is used to judge the bar code, size, weight and shape of goods, and the classification error rate is very low. Widely used in postal express, cross-border e-commerce, customs and other industries, widely praised by customers.
With the development of China's logistics industry, the improvement of basic equipment is the foundation of the development of logistics enterprises and a major prerequisite for the realization of development leap. Only by changing the extensive manual sorting to conform to the development trend of intelligent logistics, can the logistics enterprises obtain considerable development. In the future, artificial sorting will inevitably be replaced by intelligent sorting. In addition, the basic activities such as logistics transportation, storage, distribution, packaging, loading and unloading will all go hand in hand with automation and efficiency, which is the trend of the times and the demand of development.